Taking care of details always goes hand in hand with subtle luxury. The picturesque, spacious, stone houses have a panoramic view over the village and the sea. Their interior parts are paved -at large – with carved stone of the nearby area by exceptional local craftsmen. The dimmed lights, the soft colors, and the existence of many windows, make the rooms sunny, cozy and loving.

The lovely exterior gardens with the various scents and the colors of the herbs and the flowers of the area, the picturesque paving alleys, the stream and the quaint stone kiosk take us back to reminiscing the old good times of Limnos.


You can wake up your senses with the scents and the local flavors which we offer next to the traditional kiosk at breakfast time. Hot pies, homemade marmalades, honey, popular dairy products of the area, bread from our bakery and other surprises await you. In the evening you can relish, or savor the local wine with your company and taste the original products that Limnos has to offer you, which are a source of inspiration for our cuisine creations. Imagination, impeccable service and, the warm atmosphere will satisfy any kind of expectation.