The Location

How to reach us

Via air:

– Limnos is connected by air almost on a daily basis with Athens, Salonica and Mytilini.

By sea- By ship:

Myrina, which is the port of Limnos, is connected with regular itineraries with the port of Piraeus, Salonica and Mytilini. During the summer months, there is the possibility of connection with Saint Efstratios and Samothraki, which are nearby islands.


Saint Ioannis- Kaspakas:

Kaspakas is situated around 6 kilometers in the north of Myrina of Limnos. It is a traditional village, built on the slopes of the mountain Saint Athanasios and is regarded as one of the biggest villages of Limnos. The village was named after the landowner and admiral of the Byzantium, Kaspakas, who used to live in the area in around 1200. There is an extended golden beach below the housing development.